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Ava from Germany

Ava from Germany - From Ava’s mom: “Ava is quite happy to be home again but she wants everything from both "worlds" now. She found some good friends and stays in Internet contact via MSN, which is only possible during weekends and holidays because of the time difference. She misses very much the school and the teachers, because she found them more understanding and nice… Thank you for everything!”

Vitaliy from Russia: “I like this school because of the good teachers. I like that it is a Christian school and I can study the Bible and worship God in Chapel.”

Justin from Korea: “My life in Canada was special meaning to me. For last six months, I had my new school, new teacher and new friends. I will miss the beautiful view and friendship in Canada. I enjoy my life in Canada, and I hope everybody remembers me. Thanks for all the help guys.”

George from Russia: “This school is so great! There are friendly students that are so fun.
I like this school!”

Huin Saem from Korea: “I have been at HCS for 6 months. I like being in a school with teachers that know me well. Most of the students know each other and are friendly and kind to each other. I’m happy to be a student at HCS.”

Andrew from Korea: “When I came to Canada, I was so afraid. I never been other country alone, but it’s actually easy now. I like HCS because all the student and teacher are nice to me. I like Canada, because we didn’t have to stay up till midnight to study. And there is lots of fun activity in Heritage Christian School.”

David from Russia: I think HCS is great. I very much like HCS because it has wonderful teachers and students. I have never seen students from high school who hang out with students from middle school. HCS is such a community school. I love my school.