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Student Application and Profile Form

Students Information
Date of application
Present grade
Grade applying for
Date of admission requested
Expected withdrawal date
Date of birth
(according to your passport)
Place of birth

Last name
First/middle names
English/Canadian name
Permanent address
Street, City,
Province/State, Country, Postal/Zip
Home phone #
Fax #
Email address 1
Email address 2
Father's name
Mother's name
Additional Parent or Custodian Information
Father's Information      
Cell phone # Work phone #
Occupation Date of Birth
Mother's Information      
Cell phone # Work phone #
Occupation Date of Birth
Custodianship / Guardianship and Visa Information

If you are working with a student placement agency, or a Canadian relative or representative please give names and contact information for your representative.

Agency name (if applicable)
Contact name
Agency phone #
Contact cell #
Representative address (if applicable)
Email address
Fax #
Have you made specific arrangements for custodianship / guardianship of your child while they are in Canada?

If yes, please indicate name and contact information for your child’s intended custodian / guardian.
  Last name
  First/middle names
  Permanent address
Street address, city
Province/State, Country, Postal/Zip
  Relationship to student
  Male or Female

  Phone #
  Cell #
  Fax #
Homestay Information
Do you require homestay accommodations?

Members in your family      
Name Relationship
Name Relationship
Name Relationship
Name Relationship
Name Relationship
Many Canadian families have pets (for example: cats, dogs, birds etc)
Do you like pets?

Would you like to stay in a home with children or teenagers?


What activities, sports, hobbies, or interests do you enjoy when you are not studying?
If there is any other information you can provide that is pertinent and/or related to your child’s registration? Please include it below.
Have you read and understand the financial commitments as explained in the Heritage Christian School International Student Application?

Heritage Christian School is collecting and maintaining the information requested on this form for the purpose of assessing the eligibility of International Students for International Education programs within its campus and for placement in a suitable home.
Home Stay Information and Fees

If requested, Heritage Christian School will make arrangements for your child to live with a Christian Canadian Host Family. We make every effort to accommodate your request and match your child with children of similar ages. The family will provide three meals per day, transportation to and from school (high school students may choose to take the city bus), and give them support needed to live here in Kelowna. Students will become proficient in English and Canadian culture by choosing to live in a Homestay situation.

Homestay Fees: The monthly and daily Homestay fees for Middle/High School students are $950/ month ($35/day) and for Elementary School students, they are $950/month ($35/day). The fees are paid at the beginning of the year and held in trust by the school for monthly disbursement to the homestay family. If your child does not attend for the whole term, as stated in your application, there must be at least one month notice given to the school. If notification of withdrawal is less than one month, the Homestay family will receive the fees for the current month and one more month in lieu of proper notification.

Church Life
Name of church your family regulary attends
Church address
Street address, City
Province/State, Country, Postal/Zip
Church phone #
The Pastor’s Reference Form must be completed and forwarded to the office.
Fax 250-862-4943 or email international@heritagechristian.ca
Medical Data
Does your child have any allergies? If "Yes", please describe.
Does your child take any medication on an on-going basis?
If "Yes", please state what the medication is and the condition that is being treated
Will the school be administering the medication?
If "Yes", please download the medical forms off the Internet and have them completed by a guardian and the doctor.
Does your child have any serious or potentially life threatening medical conditions?
If "Yes", please describe.
School Data

How did you learn of HCS?

What are the reasons for enrolling your child in HCS?

Please list the last school(s) your child has attended.
School name School name
Phone Phone
Dates Dates
Address Address

Has your child ever been suspended or expelled from school? If "Yes", please explain

Academic Data
English Proficiency  
How many years of English training has your child received?
Has your child received private English lessons?

If "Yes" , how long?
How would you describe your child’s written and spoken English?
Learning Disability  
Has your child ever been assessed for and/or diagnosed with a learning disability (including ADD, ADHD, Emotional Distress, or other)?

If "Yes" , please explain and attach the most recent copy of the assessment.
Has your child ever been involved in unlawful and/or violent behavior?

If "Yes", please explain.
Academic Progress  
Describe your child’s general academic progress. What would be his/her strengths and weaknesses?
We believe that children can place their trust in Christ as their personal Savior and we teach this at HCS. It is important for us to know if your child has done so. When parents and children both support the elements of faith and practice as we believe and teach within the HCS community, the educational experience is much more satisfying. Please comment on your child’s spiritual condition and response to spiritual teaching.
Conditions of Registration
Please check each condition
I/We have read the Student/Parent Handbook (Admission Policy , below) and understand the commitment we are making.
I/We agree to abide by the school rules and guide our child to uphold the Code of Conduct and discipline of the school as outlined therein.
I/We certify that all information on this application is complete and correct.
I/We authorize Heritage Christian School to verify any of the information submitted herewith.
I/We agree that it is the responsibility of the parent(s) to stay in contact with the school as to the progress of my child and will access Student’s Achieve, via the internet, for their weekly progress.
I/We agree that work produced by our child(ren) may be used for promotional purposes such as HCS sees fit.

Please ensure that the following documents are received by the office.

Fax 250-862-4943 or email international@heritagechristian.ca

  • My child’s most recent Progress Report
  • Birth certificate
  • A copy of health insurance
  • Passport
  • Pastor’s Reference Form
  • Appropriate documents in regards to citizenship status (Visa)
  • Personal student letter (for grades 6-12)
Parent/Custodian 1:
I validate this to be used as my signature and authorization, dated .
Parent/Custodian 2:
I validate this to be used as my signature and authorization, dated .
Protection of Personal Information

From time to time we must send your child’s personal information outside of the school to a few organizations we deal with for educational purposes. This information is carefully selected and will not be used by third parties for advertising or other unauthorized uses.

  • Ministry of Education
  • Other HCS families via our school directory or newsletter
  • Community Health Clinic
  • Other educationally related businesses
  • Other schools/school organizations
  • Media for sporting or promotional events
  • Community Programs (YMCA etc.)
  • Sports organizations

I give permission for Heritage Christian School to use my personal information for the above stated uses and any photos that may be taken of my child on activities or in the classroom for promotional and advertising purposes.

I validate this to be used as my signature and authorization, dated .
Tuition and Fees - all funds are in Canadian dollars
Application Fee One-time (non-refundable) $500.00 CDN
Tuition - 10 months - Full year For more information regarding Tuition, please email us at international@heritagechristian.ca
Medical ** All students must purchase either private or government medical insurance as a condition of their acceptance Approximately $700 .00 CDN for a full school year
Homestay Finder’s Fee Non-refundable $400.00 CDN
Please Note:
  • A non-refundable Application Fee of $500 must accompany the application
  • A non-refundable Homestay Finder’s Fee of $400.00 must also accompany the application
  • Once your application is received, you will be contacted to arrange an Interview time
  • Upon approval of your application, you will then be invoiced for the remaining tuition and fees owed
  • All fees are to be paid prior to the Letter of Acceptance being issued
  • Any student registering for a partial year or semester will be pro-rated and charged an additional 10%
  • **MSP coverage is required by law in BC for any student studying longer than 6 months. Private insurance is then required for students studying for less than 6 months
  • Additional Fees may be applicable to students who are in need of extra services such as: change of homestay, tutoring, etc
Tuition and Payment Information

Tuition is received to cover the costs of education for your children in Canada. We are a Group 1 Independent School, registered with the Province of British Columbia and can only receive government funding for students whose parents reside in British Columbia. Students from outside Canada all pay the same fee, regardless of grade level. Payment is required at the beginning of the school year unless other arrangements are made with our financial department.

Method of Payment: Payment may be made by credit card, bank draft, cash, cheque or electronic bank transfer directly to the school. Please contact the school for specific wire transfer information.

Refund Policy
Before the program begins.    
  Student Receives HCS Retains
If Visa is denied. Remaining tuition $500
Less than 7 days after registration 75% of tuition 25% of tuition
30 Calendar days or more before the start of class 75% of tuition 25% of tuition
Less than 30 days before the start of class 60% of tuition 40% of tuition
After the program begins.    
  Student Receives HCS Retains
Before 10% of program duration 50% of tuition 50% of tuition
Between 11% and 30% of program duration 30% of tuition 70% of tuition
After 30% of the completed program 0% of tuition 100% of tuition


Please note: Application Fees and Homestay Finder’s Fees are non-refundable.

  1. Your program is indicated by the start and end dates of your signed application form.
  2. Tuitions fees are non-transferable.
  3. All requests for refunds must be made in writing and given to reception.
  4. Refund requests must include the original Letter of Acceptance issued by Heritage Christian School as well as any supporting documentation.
  5. If you are denied authorization from Citizenship and Immigration, a copy of the letter stating that you are denied is required. A full refund less $500.00 will be given.
  6. If you are eligible for a refund, you will receive the refund within 90 days of your written notice.
  7. Canada Immigration will be contacted when students withdraw prematurely from the program.
  8. NO REFUND will be given to a student who is dismissed from the program due to a breach of law, policy, regulation, or student code of conduct.