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Host Family Application Form

Family Information
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Wife's name    
Home phone # Email
Husband's work / cell phone # Wife's work / cell phone #
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Members in your family
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Information on Hosting Students
Have you hosted an International Student in your home before?

  If Yes, please give details on nationality, length of stay and your experience
Would you prefer to host a male or female student?  

Describe how your family can support an international student studying in Canada
Are there countries that you have a particular interest in?
Are you willing to assist your student by helping with homework?

Contact with the student’s family is an essential role you would play as a host parent. Are you willing to communicate with the student’s family through regular email correspondence?

Are you willing to provide / ensure transportation to and from the school for after school events?
Eg: sports / drama / youth

If it is determined that your student would benefit from tutoring, are you willing to provide transportation?

Information on your Family
How many times per week would you sit together as a family for a meal?
Describe the accommodations you can provide for an International student.  
Will the student have their own room?

Is the room upstairs?

Is the room downstairs?

Does the room have a desk and lamp?

Does the room have a window?

Private bathroom?

Shared bathroom?

Does the room have Internet?

If no, will the student have regular access to a computer?

Do you have pets in your home?
Do you regularly attend church?
Name and the phone number of your paster
Describe your church involvement
What are some of the things that you enjoy doing as a family?
Character References
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Name Phone #
Address Email
Reference 2    
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A criminal record check will be required for anyone living in the home over the age of 18.


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